Kung Fu

Assignment 1
Ma Man Kwan
1. Explain how the centre of gravity and stance are important for Chinese martial
arts and is there any correlation between them? (maximum 300 words) – 6
The centre of gravity and stance is the most fundamental guide for Chinese
martial arts. They are especially popular subject to be explored among martial arts
enthusiasts and Wing Chun practitioners.
Centre of gravity is important element to developing power. For instance, when
practicing Wing Chun, if Centre of gravity can be used to move, the whole mass will
be brought along by this movement thus developing more power.
Being able to manipulate centre of gravity is key to keep balance in any
situation. Controlling centre of gravity need strong core muscles to shift upper body
and keep the base steady. By keeping the centre of gravity between bases can help
maintain a good centre of balance. A solid core and strong legs avoids outside forces
from knocking.
Stances are important for mobility, stability and protection. There are five basic
stances taught in contemporary Wushu, different stances has different purpose during
a fight. For example, Gong Bu is the beginning stance for attack. The structure of the
stance partly protects the groin and allows the practitioner to hit with larger power by
driving the rear leg into the ground then quickly drawn forward for kicking attacks.
Centre of gravity and stance are undoubtedly correlated. Stability and mobility
are important elements that characterize in any stance, both are largely depends on the
height of its centre of gravity and the distribution of body weight. For example, lifting
a leg increase the centre of gravity which in turns increases mobility and decreases
With a good stance and good manipulation on centre of gravity, one can take full
advantage of his execution of preferred techniques and moves.

2. How does the concept “relaxation” play a role in Chinese martial arts?...