Kudler Product Offering Paper

Saad Azab, Maria Canek, Tina Hopper, Renedria Welton
University of Phoenix


Steven Kraus

July 8, 2012

Kudler Product Offering Paper

      SWOT Analysis
      Kudler Fine Food is an exemplary cuisine marketplace that has assertively personalized their approach in capturing the demographic attention of promising consumer markets. Kudler Fine Foods has embarked on an enormous reorganization and reformation of the organization’s distinct culinary assortment of product offerings to allow the company to encapsulate and take advantage in developing a vast culinary edification with the consumer market. The culinary intensity of the business is built on the cooperative spirit in which the business conveys through a wide variety of product offerings.
      The Kudler Fine Foods is employing immense financial and human resources on implementing a new line of olive oil products.   Epicurean growth expansion will be centralized in the Italian consumer market, but will filter to the entire European consumer culinary marketplace. Establishing a community presence will take in several factors including but not limited to affordability, increasing a health conscious consumer market, and developing a connoisseur community in which cooking with olive oil will enhance the culinary dining experience. The weakness of the organization is equipment modernization, an underdeveloped organizational structure, and threat of substitution from established culinary gourmet specialty shops.
      The opportunity for the Kudler Fine Food is the Italian convergence of epicurean gourmet product & service diversification and the increased knowledge of the consumer market on gourmet food preparation. The potential threats that the Kudler Fine foods confront the organization are up-and-coming gourmet specialty stores, economic &...