Kudler’s Fine Foods
By Adam Copen
July 2, 2012

      Kudler’s Fine Foods is a place that sells wine, cheese, meats, seafood, produce and was a European style bakery. Kudler’s Fine Foods has three locations in the San Diego, California area. Kudler’s Fine Foods was founded by Kathy Kudler back in 1998.
In this paper, four ideas will be addressed. The first on is to find out what Kudler Fine Foods key business and accounting information needs are. The second is to analyze what strengths and weakness Kudler Fine Foods has with the store current system. This will include software and hardware. The third is to show Kudler Fine Foods some opportunities that deal with technology and give suggestions to help improve Kudler’s Fine Foods opportunities. The fourth is to seek out threats the Kudler’s Fine Foods may encounter with the current system by helping to suggest new technology.

To start, Kudler Fine Foods needs to find out what they need in their business and accounting systems. The first and most important thing that they need is to upgrade their computer systems. This will go in a long way to help with the business. Most of computer and software become out dated with a few years after the come up.   Kudler’s Fine Foods needs to make sure that their software is up to date so they data and the memory the need

to function as a business. Kudler’s Fine Foods also needs more communication with its three stores. All three store need to communicate within one store and they need to communicate store to store. Kudler’s Fine Foods needs to write up a company policy on their finance and accounting systems. Kudler’s Fine Foods also needs to have a written policy on there REM security features. Kudler’s Fine Foods also needs to have a purchasing department and a forecast team to help with the work load of the company. With all of these changes Kudler’s Fine Foods and the owner, Kathy Kudler can watch the...