Strategic Plan Update—Draft I
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) has been in operation since 1998. There are currently four KFF locations in California. The Executive Team at Kudler has expressed a desire to grow more rapidly and as a result Kudler must consider some alternative strategies (Virtual Organization Portal: Kudler Fine Foods). Kathy Kudler, the owner of KFF, plans on finding ways to increase customer loyalty as well as increase profitability. This paper will provide the new mission, vision, and values of Kudler Fine Foods.
Mission Statement
“The mission statement is a message designed to be inclusive of the expectations of all stakeholders for the company’s performance over the long run” (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). The mission of Kudler Fine Foods is to supply local customer’s high quality fresh produce, food products, and wine at a reasonable price.
Vision Statement
“A vision statement presents the firm’s strategic intent that focuses the energies and resources of the company on achieving a desirable future” (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). The vision of Kudler Fine Foods is to maximize profitability through just in time inventory processes, allowing Kudler to provide fresh products for customers. Kudler will offer above standard customer service to all customers. In addition, Kudler’s vision is to continue to grow beyond the current regions to expand Kudler’s market share.
Values Statement
The value statement for Kudler Fine Foods focuses on integrity, honesty, customer service, quality standards, loyalty, and pride. These values will instill long term customer relationships as well as dedicated employees. The values will also maintain strong relationships with investors and suppliers.

Kudler has a tremendous opportunity to grow beyond all expectations. Strategizing the future of Kudler is important to the success of the organization. Without implementing the mission, vision, and values Kudler Fine Foods will not grow to its full potential. The...