Kudler's Stores Must Eliminate the Specialty Positions

Problem Title:   Kudler’s Stores must eliminate the Specialty Positions

In order for Kudler’s stores to run efficiently, the specialty positions must be eliminated without negatively impacting customer service by training and enabling the general staff at Kudler’s to become more experienced in and prepared to work in the area of those positions eliminated.
Today, the specialty positions such as the butcher and the baker are negatively impacting the overall operations of Kudler’s.   If this problem continues to be ignored, the salaries of these employees will result in a loss of revenue cascading into other issues such as poor customer service, further damaging the quality reputation.   This problem effects the organization as a whole.   Financially Kudler’s is losing money keeping specialty positions employed. The amount of money that is saved would allow the manager Kathy to hire a competent management team to help her supervise the other locations effectively.   Dissolving these positions would also allow Kathy to give her other employees a minor pay increase acknowledging their extra duties performed on the job.   Enabling the managers and employees to become knowledgeable in the “specialty” areas increases their marketability and confidence as employees. The customers on the other end will be satisfied when they request assistance in the specialty area, and have more than one employee offer to help.
The expense of employing the specialty positions has been an ongoing scenario with all Kudler’s stores and needs to be addressed immediately.   It is critical that the decision of this new movement will leave the customers satisfied with service received by knowledgeable employees. Kudler’s Fine foods has an opportunity to improve the overall productivity and growth of the company if it follows through with the plan to eliminate the specialty positions.   Financially, this will allow the stores to save money, educate employees in other areas of expertise, and support...