Kudler Problem Statement

Kudler Problem Statement
October 25, 2010
MGT 521
University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement
Problem Description
Kudler Fine Foods is a premier gourmet cooking and grocery store with three locations in Southern California. Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods in 1998. She was a gourmet-cooking enthusiast and was disappointed that her neighborhood did not have an adequate gourmet food store.   She made her dream become a reality and quickly went from one store to three.   She is heavily involved with the day-to-day operations of her stores and often visits all stores every day.   Their mission is, “Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines so that their culinary visions can come true.” Kathy whole-heartedly believes this mission and strives to pass is on to her employees.
To gain a better understanding of Kudlers, the following SWOT analysis has been prepared.
Because Kudler’s is small Kathy is able to monitor and control activities in all stores on a regular basis. Kudler’s has found a niche in the market and does not have any direct competition. Product variety is also strength; it gives customers a plethora of options. Another strength is that Kathy interacts with customers so she knows what to order and how much. Kudler’s also enjoys the benefit of many return customers.
Kudler’s deals with perishable goods and needs to turn product around quickly or it spoils. They are a specialty shop and pay high wages to experts in various specialties in the stores. Another weakness is that Kathy makes up most of the management.   She has hired a store manager for each store but limits their duties.   She takes care of all the ordering and managing of inventory.   When Kathy is sick or out of town no one else is trained to take care of this aspect of the business. The last weakness is that one of the stores, located in Del Mar is not performing as...