Kudler Marketing

Kudler Fine Foods as well as any other organization will need to follow their strategic plan and be open to possible amendments to their plan in order to be successful in today’s competitive business world where all their competitors are competing for a larger share of their industry market. Within this strategic plan, Kudler Fine Foods will need a marketing plan/program that must meet the wants and needs of its current customer base as well as any potential customers. In this marketing plan/program Kudler Fine Foods will need to perform some sort of an environmental scan that will provide a snapshot of external as well as internal factors which may impact Kudler’s direction in a positive or negative manner.   This environmental scan needs to be done so that a solution can be implemented to mitigate against any potential loss of market share and allow for a more targeted market research.
The environmental scan for Kudler Fine Foods would probably be concentrated mainly on customers, social demographics, competition, economics, and technology. Once this environmental scan is completed, Kudler Fine Foods can really dig deep into their market research of starting a new catering service.
Market Research
In the five step process of defining the problem, developing the research plan, collecting relevant information, develop findings, taking marketing actions, Kudler Fine Foods will be able to determine the value and benefits to its customers in having a catering service to go along with the services that it currently already offers along with meeting sale objectives set for themselves.
In the case of Kudler Fine Foods, it probably would be easier to offer in-store questionnaires for customers to complete while at the store and offer some type of bonus of doing so like 20% of a purchase or have questionnaires mailed to its customers. And since this is the age of technology advancement and just about everyone has access to a computer it would...