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Gathering research
This is how our police officer was in the 1700’s to 2000’s.   Officer’s title started from: Rattle Watch 1700s, Commissioned Officer 1800s, US Marshall 1870s, Roundsman 1900s, Patrolman 1920s, Motorcycle Patrol 1950s, Detective 1960s, State Trooper 1970s, City Police 1990s, and S.W.A.T. 2000s (history America, 2012).   In the United States, police officers are seeing as heroes, since they are sworn to protect general population and keep them from harm’s way regardless of the situation; but the truth is, that they do much more than that for their city.   It doesn’t take a well educated person to become a police officer but a brave one. Officers are someone who is willing to dedicate their lives in order to protect and serve those in need.   In this paper we will research an interest that has been voiced concerning police officers and their duties and will state the purpose behind our research. Through this research it will show an interview structure and will inform you as to some questions that it will be ask.
It is common that police officers choose their career just simply because they are following the same path as a family member or is one of his family member’s desire. People choose to follow this career because either their father or their mother or a relative was an officer at one point in time.   This type of interest is something that would be great for research.   How many people that is following criminal justice career have or had a family member who was or is also a police officer?   We can get great information through a simple survey that will require the process of research and interviewing police officers in person or over the phone.
One of the first questions that we will try to attempt to answer through our interview process is why people decided to choose a career path in law enforcement area. Research has already shown that police officers have chosen to become officers because they have a personal connection to police work....