Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty market with foods from around the world. Kathy Kudler is the owner; she has three locations in California. The three location are La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. The store serves the finest and freshest foods and wines. The fresh fruit and vegetables that Kudler sells are perishable and purchase from local farms, wines and, cheeses are imported. Kudler uses a simple and manageable database system. They use Access and Excel to track stores, inventory, customers, items, and amounts. The databases are used to determine how much inventory is available and when to reorder inventory. Let look at Kudler databases to determine how a pivot table could manage their inventory at the three locations.
Kudler financial information is to be found on an Excel spreadsheet and the IT information is located on an Access database. It is organized by a six digit general ledger accounting codes, inventory item, summary line items, and amount.   The first two numbers of the general ledger determine the store location, La Jolla , Del Mar , and Encinitas . The next two numbers describes the department baker, meat and seafood , produce, cheese and dairy and Wine. The last two numbers describe the inventory item blush wines, squab, atemoya and aioli sauce.   For an example: 139002 is the code for Blush Wines located in the wine department at Del Mar, and the type of wine is Blush. The spreadsheet is set up to sort out the data into department and product, and then counts how many of the items were in inventory.
Kudler uses a simple design, which allows their information to identify easily if they only had one store location. Since they have three locations the information is all over the place. The financial information is located on an excel spreadsheet and the IT information is located on an Access database. These two systems, Access and Excel information needs to merge.   There are 700 single lines entries listed by accounting codes. The Excel...