Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Mission statement ponders the function that the company acts in a society and fundamental reason for the presence of that organization. The corporate philosophy, identity, character, organizational image, etc. is reflecting in this statement (Ryall & Craig, 2003). The mission of Kudler Fine Food is to supply good quality or value for money food products & wines to their consumers as per the demand at fair cost. Its mission statement also reflects that its selection procedure is matched with experienced and well-versed staff and also wants to render a delicious and delighting shopping outing or experience to all of their consumers.
Vision Statement

Vision statement articulates the position that an organization would like to carry out in the near future. It brings up the long term thinking of the company that will endlessly promote the company towards its predefined targets (Ryall & Craig, 2003). The vision of the company is to maximize its profitability through furnishing finest choice of the best quality food products. In addition to this, its vision is to raise its market share in order to assert its growth. The vision statement of the company reflects that it wants to spring up as a premier gourmet food market for customers.
Value Statement

In achieving vision & mission, the value statement articulates the right direction to the company. The value statement comprises of the organizational values set by Kudler Fine Food that conceive ethical, social & cultural responsibility (Ryall & Craig, 2003). The value statement of Kudler focuses on employee’s equity, loyalty, high dedication, integrity & honesty, consumer service, good quality standard, impertinence, cleanliness, following healthy criteria, etc. All its values enable the company to effectively keep long term relationship with its customers, investors, employees, etc. that ultimately proves beneficial for the company.
Environmental Scan

Environmental scan involves the...