Kudler Assessment

Kudler Internet Assessment
University of Phoenix
June 25, 2012

Dear Senior Executives:

Business has evolved extremely quickly in the past five years, which is why adaptation is quintessential to success in the age of technology.   Bring a high specialized business, such as Kudler brings advantages and disadvantages; however, having a strategic edge on the market place will aid you in the field of your business.   Assessing your website, I have identified issues directly correlating to the flow of business and what you need from accounting to make this profitable.
Your website provides quite an assortment of products you carry from “around the world,” which is special all in itself.   Having a distributorship of fine imported foods is great, but the biggest weakness lies in the inventory process of keeping fresh foods on the shelves.   Food is perishable, so it is paramount that the correct inventory cycle is used in the stores located across California.   In addition, having a limited market just to California makes expansion quite difficult.   Presently, California is one the largest hit by the current recession with unemployment rates exceeding 10%.  
With unemployment at an all time high, the need for luxury goods is diminishing.   This is why the website must be built for global expansion.   No assumption can be made in regard to the economic situation of California, so creating an order list on the website to mirror places like Omaha Steaks is needed.   Full distributorship is needed to make your business grow, without it you are unfortunately limiting your growth potential.  
For accounting, setting up an e-commerce system takes linking and recognition of national and quite possibly international sales, so a new process must be generated.   Banking is key to this issue, as we possibly need currency conversion, and immediate payment posting when customers pay electronically to the website.   This is why you need a purchase order system to match...