Kota Case

Economic Benefits of Pro-life
COMM 201
According to Florida family policy council four thousand babies continue to die every day in the United States at the request of their own mothers. People are just unaware about the economic benefits of prolife. The economic benefits of prolife can be revenue, appointment and manpower.
Firstly, anti abortion activities help in population growth and thereby results in the growth of Tax revenue for the government. When there is increase in population growth, there is obviously higher revenue for the government from Tax imposed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Social Security Administration, Guttmacher Institute, and National Center for Health Statistics, if abortion had never been legalized in 1973, more than 17 million people would be employed, resulting in an additional $400 billion from those workers, with $11 billion contributed to Medicare and $47 million contributed to Social Security.
Similarly, The people need not pay the doctor charge for the abortion, which is also a kind of saving for them. In abortion case the doctors cost includes not only the initial fees of abortion but also charge of post abortion effect. We all are familiar with the fact that the abortion really ruins the health of woman psychologically and physically. This will lead to increase in Charge paid to the doctor. Hence people are saved from these sorts of cost because of anti abortion activities. The Oregon 2012 Petition Committee says one third of all abortions in Oregon is funded by taxpayers. From 2003 to 2009, that amounts to $11.1 million in state money spent on 26,000 abortions.
The abortion has also lead to the deduction of possible skilled manpower required for the country. According to Florida family policy council 26,467,470 Americans were legally murdered by abortion between 1973 and 1994 this huge mass could have contributed a lot by being an active workforce now.
Thus, a great amount of revenue can be...