1.   Health, safety and welfare of young people is extremely important. Having two children aged 8 and 10, one who is autistic; I take my actions and theirs very importantly.

Harmful substances, chemicals are out of reach and sealed (such as bleach etc).Their activates are monitored and adequately supervised
I will always take responsibility for them and their friend’s safety and welfare.
Ensuring they are in a safe and secure environment.

2.   Children develop and learn at different speeds and levels.Some may also take risks and don’t appreciate the dangers of certain situations.

I recently helped out on a day trip with my son’s school, which included some activities near a large pond. This had to be fully supervised and instructions given several times to ensure safety for everyone.

3. Everyone should be treated equally without discrimination. Discrimination unfortunately comes in all forms such as disability, gender, colour, creed, race and sexual preference.

I have seen many examples of this, one occasion occurred when I was in the army and we had one black person join our unit, some people thought it would be good to make fun of him at every given opportunity.

I spoke to them all stating this was going over the top and if it persisted I would take further action.I also gave advice and took the “victim” under my wing.
He eventually became accepted and was treated and respected by all.


1.   Attending work punctual and reliably is vital in any organisation as it shows the act of a professional and a good role model.

People depend on this attribute as it is a vital part of a team member and it should be second nature to every individual.

In all my previous employment I have always adhered to this and have never had a day off through ill health or gained a Bradford point.

2.   I know some work environments have to work evenings, weekends and overtime to ensure the work place can function properly.

This has...