King Abdulaziz as a Leader

King Abdulaziz Alsaud
Historically, each and every society has its heroes and celebrities in various fields and domains such as science, arts, and so on. Those heroes and celebrities have special traits which distinguish them from the normal people and give them the immense popularity. Most societies chose those heroes from their history. In a specific society, people choose their heroes and make them as a society or cultural representative. Many of these heroes have chosen from their society because people consider them as leaders. Although there are differences between societies and cultures, the definition of leadership is quit the same; leadership is “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal”1 (Peter, 2010, P3). In Saudi Arabia specifically people believe that King Abdulaziz Alsaud is the best example of leadership. However, others argue that he is not a leader. I strongly believe that King Abdulaziz was a great leader because by implementing the three leadership approaches trait, skill, and situational; King Abdulaziz achieved the leadership’s requirements in these approaches. The approaches towards leadership in the case of King Abdulaziz Alsaud are described here.
Before going into the intricate details it is essential to understand the society and economic conditions during his time. Economically, the oil had not discovered yet. Therefore, both nomadic and settled were poor. In case of education and development, there was not a time to spend to educate or improve the life because the people tried to save their life. In general and according to Philby ”the society and customs are very antithesis of a civic political culture”2 (Michal, 1977, P165). In addition and not only in comparing with the advance countries, Arabian Peninsula had always been the most backward place comparing with Arabic countries2. Therefore, knowing what the environment was that time can help in evaluating the type of person the...