Kinds of Advertismenst

Kinds of Advertisments
In the past, the idea was that for a company to gain a great profit or make a good wealth, all what it has to do is to produce their goods and commodities with a high quality and a good class. So that they can enter the market and they are able to rival other products. As time passes marketing studies started to spread here and there, getting a high priority places in most businesses. Advertising was one of the major branches of marketing. But due to its importance and effectiveness in many domains it was separated to become a unique study. And since that time many theories and analysis were presented in this domain.
Advertising is a way to communicate with people in the purpose of informing them about products and services. They are used to increase consumption of those goods and service. For this aim they may use factual information and persuasive messages. George Santayana claims that “Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make worse appear the better.” This is one of the most common theories in the world of advertising. But experts in this domain had more than one way to achieve this theory.
Some believes that through fascinating the audience by the advertisements of their goods, they can dominate people’s mind. Especially when they make unreal things appear to be real, or by showing the advantages of the product and obviously hide every single negative side it may hold. This kind of advertisements surrounds the commodity with some of magic.
Psychologists believe that in a way or another you can use a normal product and add to it external effects, such as sounds, videos pictures, words….So that the audience will be dazzled, and his mind will create the image of this ware in a perfect way or at least in the way you have presented it. Galaxy chocolate for an example follows in its ads this kind, where they show a woman taking one bar of this chocolate exaggerating in the extreme happiness she felt...