Kim Was Nervous

Kim was nervous when the door was opened ,a man came out ,he said “Sorry ,you are failed to go to New Zealand for further study and we have to go now.”Kim’s face covered with tears ,hecried, he stood root on the ground .He wished so much that a miracle could be happened on him . He was sad as he had disappointed someone who support him a lot even though he did not treat her well ,Kim’s thought drifted away ,his mother ,has a benign smile but she died .Even though she died ,he still had no face confront his mother
Three years ago ,he was still a naughty boy.Healways did wrong and her mother had to settle down all the problem he had produced .There a problem ,a problem led him to being a good person.Here the problem started, that day ,he strolled around the shopping complex ,he did nothing, he had no destination ,just go and there . Coincidently ,he saw his friend,Ho,he saw Ho raise up his hand to reach something and then put into his bag without took it to counter ,Kim silence ,he stepped toward him silently .
“Ho,what are you doing here ?”said Kim
“Shhhhh,keep your voice down! ”
“Are you stealing ?”
“Yes,am I awesome ?”
“Yes, you are “
After he left, a bodyguard reached him and framed him that he was stealing .He knew Ho did it but he said nothing about Ho because Ho was his friend ,according to the “Law Of Friend “we were wrong if we betrayed our friend ,so he won’t exposed Ho as a stealer.At that moment ,he just keep mumbling he did nothing .
The manager called his mother .After a while ,his mother came .His mother said nothing as the manager keep garrulous what he had done until when the manager decided report to police his mother started intercede with the manager on behalf of the Kim,themanager agreed he wanted Kim make a promised that he won’t do that again ,finally the case closed
On the way to home ,Kimscolded his mother that she did not trust him and kept saying that she did wrong ,she should find a way to save him instead of...