I have just returned from a three week trip sponsored by a local private philanthropic orginisation. Where did I choose to go? Ethiopia. As I only had three weeks over there, I decided to stay with an Ethiopian family, where I would do what they do everyday, eat what they eat everyday, and sleep where they sleep everynight. A lovely ethiopian family took me to their territory, Abyssinian. Each day I would learn something new, there's just so much to tell.
Ethiopia is genereally considered as the indentifiable nation. As I would eat my bread sitting across from the family, I would sit there listening to the fascinating history Ethiopia has gone through. On October 3rd, 1935 Italian troops invaded the independent African nation of Ethiopia. Ethiopia were not prepared for this intruision. The man was telling me that he saw, 100,000 Italian troops in columns creeping into the Abyssianian territory. A-lot of indian doctors were sent to Ethiopia to help provide medical assistance. Why would Italy do this? There are many reasons why Italy invaded Ethiopia. They did it to take over Ethiopia, claim it's glory and have revenge. They would turn Ethiopia into the roman empire or just to have Italian prestige and power. The next day the family took me to a cave. As I would stand there puzzled and confused. They said that, humans inhabitated Ethiopia since the dawn of recorded history as indicated in the early cave drawings. The following days after they took me to a field, where I would stare and see just, nothing. The man of the family cried as he was telling me that due to sevre drought conditions, their vegetables and crops never grew. Not only was their crops suffering but their livestock aswell.
Ethiopia has one of the highest unemployment rates. 50% of men aged 15 and 30 were unemployed. I walked around and asked a few ethiopians if they have access to internet. The answered with no and only a few replied yes. 360,000 in the whole of Ethiopia have access to...