Khmer Rouge Speech

The Khmer Rouge
Cambodia is a small nation that lies in South-East Asia and borders Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. For centuries it lay dormant from the outside world where European countries scrambled the globe for an empire whereas it remained highly underdeveloped with its people’s lives revolving around agriculture working as farmers cultivating rice and fishing from the many river systems, and without a modern well equipped army the country lay open for colonization with no resistance. In 1863 Cambodia fell under French colonisation and influence when it became incorporated into French Indochina.   French Colonists oppressed and discriminated against the people, exploited the nation of its resources and as the French got significantly wealthy they left the Cambodians in poverty, which lead to much hatred against French colonists and western ways. When the French left after the first Indochina war, Cambodia was involved in many prevailing events in the ensuing years in the Indochinese region such as the second Indochina war and the Vietnam War in which these resulted in great instability within the country and eventually lead to the rise of one of the most infamous political parties in modern history-the Khmer Rouge
The Khmer Rouge started as an underground communist movement named the Indochinese Communist Party in 1951, which consisted of three separate parties, these being Lao, Vietnamese and Cambodian, with the Cambodian party being called ‘The Khmer People’s Revolutionary Party’. This party was soon joined, in 1953 by Saloth Sar, commonly known as Pol Pot-the man who was to be the future leader of the Khmer Rouge. In the years following he rose through the ranks of the party with his Marxist and Maoist ideologies proving popular with other members.
The party was subject to much persecution and suppression by Prince Sihanouk, with many members being arrested, harassed and even assassinated. When the leader of the party Ton Samouth was assassinated in July...