Key Aspects of Current Legislation

To provide Security Guard Training at Industrial Training Institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
In India Government Introduced Private Security Agency Act 2005. It was implemented in Gujarat Jan 2007
The Act requires Security Companies to register with the Local Authority and to ensure that the Guards they employ has a minimum training.
For General Candidates
 100 hrs for Classroom instruction
 60 hrs   for Outdoor/Field training
For Ex-Service and former Police Personnel
 40hrs for Classroom instruction
 16 hrs   for Outdoor/Field training

Eligibility to be a private security guard.—
(1) A private security agency shall not employ or engage any person as a private security guard unless he/she—
(a) is a citizen of India or a citizen of such other country as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette specify
(b) has completed eighteen years of age but has not attained the age of sixty-five years
(c) satisfies the agency about his character and antecedents in such manner as may be prescribed
(d) has completed the prescribed security training successfully;
(e) fulfils such physical standards as may be prescribed; and
(f) satisfies such other conditions as may be prescribed.

(2) No person who has been convicted by a competent court or who has been dismissed or removed on grounds of misconduct or moral turpitude while serving in any of the armed forces of the Union, State Police Organisations, Central or State Governments or in any
private security agency shall be employed or engaged as a private security guard or a supervisor.
(3) Every private security agency may, while employing a person as a private security guard, give preference to a person who has served as a member in one or more of the following, namely:—
(i) Army, Navy, Air Force
(iv) any other armed forces of the Union
(v) Police, Armed constabularies of States and Home Guards.