(Section 12)


Performance Management or appraisal is a formal opportunity for staff to discuss their performance and professional needs with their line manager.   Appraisal is designed to be a dialogue, with the person being appraised and the person doing the appraising both contributing freely.   It is not some form of one-way report delivered by the manager.   The Appraiser* should clearly acknowledge what the Appraisee* does well, and provide an opportunity for the Appraisee to raise any problems or concerns that they may have about the way their job is developing or what they are expected to do.
          (DfES 2000)

Guiding principles

All Council and LEA staff are expected to undertake some form of appraisal. This process aims to provide an opportunity for support staff to:

  1. identify the specific contribution they make to raising pupils' achievement
  2. reflect on their practice
  3. identify their training and professional development needs
  4. have their achievements acknowledged

The Performance Management cycle is designed to encourage the development of confident and professional working practices amongst staff.   It cannot be used to address issues of capability.   These must be addressed through the school's capability procedure which is quite separate from the Performance Management process.

The Performance Management Cycle

The annual cycle usually begins with the Appraisee and Appraiser meeting to agree targets normally at the beginning of the academic year.   Prior to this meeting, the Appraisee may find it helpful to fill in the planning sheet 'About You'.   In most cases, the school will want to choose some, or all of the 'Areas identified' (usually arising from the School Improvement Plan).   The Appraisee should be given advanced notice of these areas to allow time to reflect before agreeing the...