Write about the beginning and of the end of a relationship that you have experienced.
The Stages of a modern Teenage Relationship
In my experiences of teenage romance, as little as it may be, I have discovered that there are four main stages to the relationship of a teenager. Using a story of my own I wish to show you these stages, from how it all starts to how it all ends.
Stage One: The Beginning
It all starts at a party. We caught each other eyes on the dance floor and gave each other the nod. Then we both danced towards each other. “Do you want get a drink,” he shouts in my ear. I nodded vigorously. After sitting for a while in the corner and polishing off a fare amount of drink, I was on a high. My confidence was through the roof and at that moment no one could bring me down. Then there was the gaze. It is a sort of warning sigh to tell you to stop talking, laughing or anything of the sort, as he is going to kiss you. After the kiss Nathan and I cuddled for a while and the swapped phone numbers. This was vital for stage two.
Stage Two: Texting
The next morning after the party I was woken up by a buzzing noise. I reached over to my phone. “WDC,” was written. This was quiet confusing. The fact that he wrote in capital letters meant that he was enthusiastic and really wanted to know. However, the fact that he wasn’t bothered to write, “What’s the crack?” showed that he wasn’t that enthusiastic after all. After Replying “Nothing,” the conversation got slightly more exciting after that.
The problem with texting is that you can be as outspoken and as flirty as you want because the person isn’t actually there. Face to Face is a completely different matter. Once I returned to school the awkwardness set in. My school is quite small so it is highly possible that I would bump into him. One we did we avoided all eye contact and no communication between us. Once we are out of sight of each other the texting would then happily continue as we hadn’t just ignored each...