Katelynn Sadler

5 Reasons why Canada is better the USA:
We have Free health care
We have much more land and resources
We have good terms with most countries
We have a high education system in comparison with the USA
We Have more family run operations or organizations, making more jobs for our people.

In Canada when walk down any downtown you see many diverse stores that are family owned and operated.   Many of these businesses have been in the families for generations.   A lot of hard work was put in by our ancestors to get things started, but lately all we have seen is the big “American” brand names, or companies that were once Canadian but were sold to the Americans, such as the Hudson’s Bay Company.   The Hudson’s Bay Company, was the start of business in Canada and gave many natives jobs and earnings for helping the Canadian company. The company was founded in 1670 when the British were in high demand for furs, but in 2006 the company was no longer Canadian owned.   It was bough by an American billionaire Jerry Zucker.   Jerry Zucker bought the Hudson’s bay company of 1.1 billion dollars.   When Zucker died NRDC Equity Partners bought the company for a similar price.   Along with the Hudson’s Bay Company the Canadian created Eaton’s have been made into American Corporations.

When you go through the till at your local grocery store, and are waiting in line looking at all the magazines, you see all the “American” gossip about celebrities’ gone bad, new upcoming movies or new seasons or episodes of TV shows.   Shows like Corner Gas, sure it’s comical, but it makes us Canadians look brain-less or daft.   Maybe even something along the lines of useless.

Most of the Americans don’t really know what Canada is like.   They have an idea that we shovel large sums of snow all day, and we live in Igloos.   They also think we are less civilized or not as smart as them, but the truth is that Canada has a higher education system and our current literacy rate is 99%.

Although our...