I would rather be on Noah’s Ark than any dirty park.
I would rather help the animals than relax and drink some danimals.
I would rather be friends with the bears than have pretty long hair.
I would rather have it rain instead of feeling some pain.
I would rather be out there for forty days than go to Hawaii and eat some Lays.
I wish I was being serious, because going on an ark for forty days would probably be the last of my days.
One day, there was a man named Noah and he had a family. God decided that Noah would be the right person to make an ark for the little fiasco that would be going on. So, God decided that I was going to rain for forty days and forty nights. He told Noah that he has to bring two of every kind of animal in the world, on this ark. God told Noah this. Noah began to build an ark and everyone was making fun of how dumb he was acting.
Noah and his family were now on the ark. It rained, and rained, and rained, and they waited. After forty days, it stopped raining. They still had to stay on the ark for six more months because the flood waters would kill them if they got off. As they were sailing on their ark they came to this mountain top called Mount Ararat. They still could not get off because the earth was still flooded.
Noah began to get aggravated and so he sent out a dove. The dove came back with a leaf in his beak. Noah then knew that there was land that was near. Noah and his family and the animals wait, and wait, and wait. The flood waters go down and Noah calls all the animals get off the ark. They begin walking in their separate ways.