www.karmayog.org is a unique free platform for concerned citizens -for social and civic issues -since June 2004. This is a unique organisation which connects citizens, corporates, civil society groups, media, etc through online and offline methods. It has directory of civil society organisations in India and also has a very active online discussion group. The concept of this organisation is indeed unique. Its website is highly informative. This type of initiative can be seen as important, because it helps establish inter-linkages between different bodies/ organisations so that a constructive and fruitful debate can take place.

Karmayog provides a networking platform for ordinary citizens and NGOs to engage with each other, and with government, media, Corporates, institutions, etc.
Through this, different viewpoints of the civil society are exchanged and enable a holistic and doable approach for social and civic problems.

As defined in the first two paragraphs, the task of Karmayog.org is primarily providing a platform & a collection of resources regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Corporates, SMEs, NGOs, government, civil society etc. The role it takes on is that of a large resource center which may be accessed by everyone.

The work domain of Karmayog was initially Bombay or Mumbai, where it engaged itself with the CSR activities of corporates & industries locally. During the Mumbai floods of 26th July 2005, Karmayog along with the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) played an important role in facilitating the rehabilitation efforts by setting up an online communication portal to coordinate relief efforts. On 27th July itself, Karmayog.org - a flood resource website was set-up, which included needs and offers of materials, services, volunteers and money. The flooding crisis in Mumbai showed that there is no established way for the Government authorities (or for anyone else, including NGOs themselves,) to interact easily with...

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