Kardell Paper Company

William Schmidt
Board Recommendation and Cost/Benefit Analysis
Professor John Kuhn
January 26, 2016

Kardell Company
The position of Kardell Company is that it is doing well in the course of making profits. The fact that it record $1.7 billion a year is amazing and this a fact and it is the truth. The firm however needs to accept that there is a period of change that organizations will enter even when it is making profits in its process of doing its business. It is also a fact that businesses have a responsibility of protecting the environment. Businesses or organizations are treated as persons who should be responsible in promoting the welfare of the society. The regulating bodies and the government work in ensuring that all organizations meets the threshold of environmental performances. Shrivastava, P. (1995), advocates for technology that protects the environment.
There is concerns about the performance of Kardell Company which has affected the environment and possibly causing problems. There is all signs that the company is releasing chemicals to Riverside that is causing health problems to the surrounding community. Given that the recent research carried have since come up with the same conclusion, there is no doubt that the sonox chemicals are the one that causing miscarriages and respiratory problems to the people around the area. Therefore, there is no doubt that the plant is releasing chemicals with high levels of hazards into the river. There are crumbling facts about the facts that are underlying Kardell Company at the moment.
  * The firm is outdated and it is using old techniques in operations
  * The firm is doing well in terms of profit making despite the fact that it is using techniques in operating
  * The firm is releasing a huge and dangerous chemicals which is affecting the well-being of the community around Riverside
  * There is a link though not confirmed that the sonox released by the firm into the Riverside...