Kappa Alpha Ps

I currently attend Monroe College in the Bronx, NY, I major in Computer Information Systems and expect a Bachelor of Science degree in the summer of 2009. Ever since my first college tour in the spring of 2004, I saw these Kappas’s at a step show at North Carolina A&T University. I was in awe, the movement, the rhythm, the togetherness and solidarity of the brotherhood. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to achieve greatness and become a Kappa, not to mention two of my best friends recently became Kappa’s. I’ve always longed to be apart of prestigious African-American organization like Kappa Alpha Si.

I come from a family of Bankers and Real Estate investors, my mother is the head of her department at the Bank Of New York and my father does real estate in the southern U.S and Cuba. In my spare time I love to play golf, tennis, travel and badminton. I also have a strong interest in politics, world issues, finance and business. At a very young age my mother taught the basic principles of investing and money management, I've had stocks since I was eighteen years old. She also showed me the many ways to invest and what to invest in. This has made me able to facilitate money management issues as they occur. I am mature way beyond my years, I recall many times when I was younger all my friends would be waiting for the next video game to come out and I would be waiting for the next issue of Black Enterprise.

I live in Brooklyn, NY in a very comfortable suburban neighborhood where everyone knows everyone. I had a very good upbringing one might say; we traveled extensively and dined out frequently. I never faced any financial hardships or setbacks, however I did struggle in my second year of college, figuring out if school was really for me. I pulled through and realized that college was and is the only way to fulfill my dreams. I’ve set the bar high and I know I will achieve my goals.

I’m very spontaneous, I love to laugh and I love the feeling of success....