Prepare a written statement on the following criteria which will demonstrate your understanding of improving your work abilities through feedback and self-evaluation and the benefits it brings

      1.1 Analyse the purpose and benefits of continuously improving work.

When starting off in a new job, it can be expected that improvements are made to work that is carried out. In my own experience, as I became familiar with tasks given to me and began to further understand and improve my own work, the efficiency of tasks carried out by myself and by the whole team would increase. When improving work, you increase the capability of learning new methods of working (this is evident in the work that I have carried out more recently) so continuously improving would allow for work to be generally more advanced and efficient. This on a larger scaled could in time approve the cost efficiency of the organisation as well as the reputation, therefore increasing the demand for services. In any role, improvement can always be expected because it is simply difficult for a member of staff to know everything there is to know about their work – as improvements are made, promotions and pay rises can then be awarded. In my own experience, after a discussion with my assignment manager, it was agreed that I have become more independent in my method of working. Essentially, instead of being given a task by task approach to work; I can now be given the desired outcome and work within my own methods to achieve this. On a recent task, I was given several spread sheets of data that would need to be collated into a master sheet so data can be handled and reviewed easily by senior management. Handling this task independently, where a few months ago I would have copied and pasted work and hoped for the best, I integrated several formulas and even input my own columns of additional data that I think would have benefitted and improved the understanding of the workbook. This was well received by...