Why can it be difficult to decide whether or not someone is a carer and does it matter?

Some people become carers suddenly when their relatives,friends develop an illness or has an accident.Others make a more considerate choice to look after an older relative.For many years becoming a carer is not a decision they consciously make it just happens gradually as someone they care for or someone who is close to them becomes ill or dependant.
There are different ways for caring for someone .One may decide it is better to live away from the person they care for,or one may choose to livewith them,or may already be living with them together as part of a family.The job of looking after older disabled relatives maybe taken on by one or more family members.A carer is someone who provides support and help to anyone with any kind of disabilities,sickness and age. A carer does not mean a professional care-worker in a nursing home, for example or someone employed by a disabled person.
As we can see in the case of ann and angus.Ann becomes a carer without even realisingn she was one.She became a carer when her mother,who was taken care of angus,died.She took responsibility for her step father angus who has parkinson disease.She felt she had no choice but to be responsible of angus as she felt people expected her to do so and it was a womans job.
. Ann was already living with her family in her parent house when her mother who was caring for angus died.
.Ann had promised her mother that she would take care of angus on her death bed.
.Ann does a lot for angus to be considered just a daughter.
She does more than what a daughter would normaly do,this includes private and personal things.
There are more complicating factors when trying to decide if someone is a carer,there could be a possibility that more than one person doing the care.For example bob ,anns husband,does the helping of lifting angus when he falls at times,but bob is not a carer as he seems to be doing something...