Krutik Patel
Professor Stephen Dice
HIST 1301
September 29, 2015
Jefferson vs. Hamilton Essay
There have been many men who helped shaped the country to the way it is presently after the American Revolution. Two of these most influential men were Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. These two men had very different political views and ideas for how they wanted to establish and build this country in the beginning of its development. Their feuds between certain aspects of our government are one of the most renowned in history. The United States would not be as it is today without their conflicting views and ideas.

One of the main reasons each man had such different views in life comes from the fact that they both grew up in different backgrounds. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Virginia. He was more into a privileged family who already had land and from influential families. On the other hand, Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755 in the West Indies. He grew up with parents who split and weren’t established or advantaged as Jefferson’s family. This cause Jefferson to have better educational and school opportunities than Hamilton could afford. It was harder for Hamilton to come up on his own than it was for Jefferson.

They first were associated in the constitutional convention during the New Jersey and Virginia Plans. Hamilton in 1987 expressed his thoughts about creating a more central government similar to the one proposed in the Virginia Plans. He wanted a system more close to the British system. Jefferson didn’t know of these proposed plans till later when he received a letter from James Madison about the issue. He wanted a weaker central government that was more democratic instead. He agreed with the plans except he “expressed disappointment that no bill of rights was included in the proposed constitution and that the president would be eligible for re-election” (22). They both expressed their opinions on what they liked...