Jva Corp.

JVA Corporation manufactures wireless technologies such as cellular phones, walkie talkies, intercoms, and GPS units. This Corporation bases its international manufacturing in Plano, Texas. It has been in the market since 1995. JVA's team grew to include experts in organizational development, strategic and business planning, and evaluation; actually it leads the corporation’s international factories. Throughout all those years, the corporation provided to the employees excellent compensation packages and many other benefits such as a variety of discount on cell phones, gym memberships, home and auto insurance, and JVA Corp. credit cards as well as discount tickets. Most companies are facing many down falls because of the economy crisis and JVA Corp. has suffered from the recent economic hardships as well. For this reason JVA Corp. must change its strategic approach to continue to run this business and keep all of its employees in employment as a whole.
First things first the changes that HR Director will be making to JVA Corp. that all employees will not receive any salary increases for a year. Also, all salaries will be frozen on increases temporarily and will continue when the economic condition of the company is stable. Regardless of position held all employees’ wages will remain the same. Once things get back on track JVA Corp. may be able to return to the way things were within the company before the recession. As HR Director takes a look at the benefits that are offered to the employees within the company, The HR Director should also urge employees to participate in cost cutting initiatives, by elimination of all or any wasteful expenditures; for that reason there is no communication gap between the management and the employees. The HR recession initiatives have to be balanced well. The cost cutting is about the immediate activities to decrease the personnel expenses of the organization, but the HR recession initiatives have to be focused on...