Juvenile Delinquent

Juvenile Delinquent
Matthew Hunt

This essay will be explaining what a juvenile delinquent is. It will also show some experiances people have went through.

This essay is about juvenile delinquents. Also, the experiences that have helped change the juvenile delinquents. It will show how the justice system can change or help change juvenile delinquents.
A juvenile delinquent is a child or young person below a particular age who has commited a criminal offence or who habitually commits criminal offences.(Merriam-Webster Inc. and Longman Group Ltd.,1986) The juvenile system helps the delinquents become better people and tries to teach skills that can be used in the real world.
Juvenile delinquency has become popular among the general public. Why do children behave this way? How does this effect the future that lies ahead of them? Is there a method that works to change their behavior? Also, I want to get different ideas on if the young adults really change for the good. There was this one case a hundred years ago where a twelve year old boy was sentenced to death in London. Back then the court system seen through their eyes that everyone committing the crime no matter the age difference got punished the same way. At the end of the century Europe and the United States started using the principle of individualized treatment of saving the child instead of punishing them.
There are things that the government provided that are suppose to help with juveniles that deal with truancy and behavior problems. A few things that help or at least suppose to are probation, foster homes, and institutional care. One point of view states that basically that the general public who is trying to find fault and who to blame. They need to see that the cause of juvenile delinquency is natural and universal. Problems of a juvenile child are problems of all children. Basically, young adults who act this way don’t mean to. What I mean is that they...