Just Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Just Because Everyone Is Doing It......
Betty J. Wilkins
April 30, 2011
Charles Sprague

Just Because Everyone Else Is Doing It......
      We all make choices which have an effect on someone else.   It is not always easy to do the right thing, but it is never right to do the wrong thing.   When we were children, at some point in our life as a child, we were told, “Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t make it right.” That phrase is probably used more than any other phrase known to a child.   However, it holds to be so true. The choices we make are not determined by what other people say or do, but by what we as individuals say or do.   We have been given the opportunity to make our choices and deal with the consequences of those choices.
      The company I work for has decided to move its business to another country and it has been known that the country in question has portrayed some unethical practices; such as hiring underage children and elderly people to work for minimal wages and work in poor working conditions. The people who work for the overseas companies are not treated fairly and have no say so in how they are treated; considering the fact that if they do not want to work, someone else is always in need of a job and will be willing to work under said conditions.
      I decided to do further research of the unmentioned country and found that it also exploits the workers and make them do all sorts of menial tasks in order to keep a job. I presented this information to my higher ups and informed them that our company would be taking a grave risk if we would consider moving our business overseas and that we would be considered worse than the companies which are already there. I also told my superiors that we really needed to reconsider our position on this move and not add insult to injury, that it was bad enough that the companies there were already exposed for the way they were treating the workers and that it would not be...