Just Add Me Up

“Just add me up”

      As modern technology continues to evolve on these days, different forms of communication seem to pave way for breaking language barriers and crossing long distances. Earliest forms of communication ever recorded are through the letters being sent through doves, hand signals with the use of flags and the smoke from the bonfire.   Next to these is the snail mail referring to mails being sent from one person to another through post offices. This form of communication shares its names with a snail because it takes a while before it can finally reach its destination. Telegram is another way of sending messages, compared to snail mail it is much faster because it contains messages that are meant to be sent fight away. For the longest time the above mentioned forms of communication ruled the whole world. But this domination started to fade away as modern technology made its debut in the market with its gadgets such as pagers, telephones, computers and cell phones. Nowadays, it is a lot easier to communicate someone who is on the other side of the world despite long distances, for miles and kilometers are no longer issues as long as you have with you your cell phones and laptops.

      As modern technology takes its fast yet innovative phasing, the need to communicate with other people also changes along the way. Before, we only communicate with persons whom you really know for quite a long time but now, we would even confess everything and anything about ourselves with someone whom we don’t even see in real person. Before, people became friends after a consistent communication, seeing each other more often than usual but at these days being friends with someone only takes a single click here and a single click there.

      Almost all of us know about “social networking websites”, as IT people calls it, and for others it would be as simple as Friendster, Facebook and the like. You might hear and say this phrases for so many times “Add mo ako...