Julius Ceasar- Characterization


• Julius Caesar was a roman general. He is the main protagonist although he dies relatively early in the play. But even after his death his spirit has a dominant presence in the play. The entire plot revolves around the death of his character.
• He is introduced with an aura of supremacy and power. The views that the people of Rome have of him are very contradictory. On one had we have the plebeians who have great respect and love for Caesar and are celebrating his victory over pompey’s sons on the other hand we have the tribunes who side with pompey and vehemently oppose Caesars’ rule. Of the two tribunes Marellus was very vocal in front of the plebeians about his dislike for Caesar while Flavius being the diplomatic one made his hatred for Caesar apparent only behind closed doors.
• Caesar’ tragic flaw is supposed to be his arrogance and pride. this is clearly seen in the fact that he refers to himself in third person and also when he insolently ignores the soothsayers genuine concern for him.
• In act 1 scene ii, Shakespeare makes us aware of Caesar’s   superstition. On one hand Caesar believes in the Elizabethan saying, which states that, a barren woman touched during the holy chase, on the feast of lupercal, will lose her infertility. This makes evident Caesar’s desire for a male heir. Someone who could take his position after his death and for this he was ready to go to any extent even if it meant believing in superstitions, which he normally would have ridiculed. On the other hand Caesar ignored the soothsayer’s warnings because of his arrogance and his belief in his superiority over the rest of humanity.
• Caesar is given great importance in the roman society even though they all are tribunes Caesar enjoys a greater prestige that the others.
• The treatment of women is another very important issue discussed in Shakespeare’s plays. Caesar treats his wife, Calphurnia. On the feast of lupercal Caesar publicizes her sterility and...