Julius Caesar

Who was Julius Caesar and what was his historical significance in terms of the Roman world?
Julius Caesar was a remarkable historical figure in world history and his significance to the Roman World cannot be expressed in words. From a young boy with unique political ambitions, he rose to supreme power in the Roman Republic. His unique and different political beliefs and values, together with his thirst for power, played a critical role in the formation of the Roman Empire, which changed the Roman society entirely and altered the course of world history forever. Not only was he a cunning politician, but also a brilliant but ruthless military leader. By the time of his death, he had held the most powerful position that the Roman Republic had ever seen, the Dictator of Rome. During his road to power, great military battles, adventures and glorious triumphs took place, leading historians and writers to believe Julius Caesar to be the worlds most ever powerful and world-changing individual of human civilization.
Julius Caesar was born on the twelfth of Quintiles (which was later changed to July after him) around 100 BC. During this time Rome was a Republic. He grew up in a middle class section of Rome and in a world of politics.
Years past in his youth and he had created enemies due to his differences in values, and ambitions for great power. At sixteen years of age in 85 BC he married a girl name Cossutia. The same year his father died. He decided that it was time to for full his ambitions and dreams. Having married into royalty, Caesar began to climb the political ladder. However it wasn’t until some time passed that a politician named Sulla came to power. This man immediately saw Caesar as a threat. “This young man who is so precious to you will one day overthrow the aristocratic party, which you and I have fought hard to defend.” – (Consul Sulla’s worlds to Caesar’s supporters, quoted by Roman historian Suetonius in ‘The Lives of the Caesars’, written c. AD...