Julius Caesar-Conflicting Perspectives


Octavian, later known as Augustus was thought to be one of the most important leaders in Roman history. He was brought up through tough competition though; being the adopted son of Julius Caesar he had a lot to live up to. Even historians today when compared to his father say he, Augustus, did more for the country than did his father.

His father Julius Caesars' rise to power brought forth many disgruntled people who held much resentment toward their leader. This led to the assassination of Caesar by a group of senators led by Brutus and Cassius, on the steps of Roman senate on March 15, 44 b.c. This helped play a major role in the way Augustus ruled while in his consulship. Before he did anything he avenged his fathers assassination, he teamed up with one of his fathers associates, Mark Anthony, and they cooperated to defeat the assassins. Now they had the rule. This was fine until each wanted more. Soon they had begun to battle each other, their battle carried on for more than a decade. Soon Augustus took more and more land and eventually won the battle. Augustus learned from this experience and to make sure history did not repeat itself he took the idea that if he worked through the senate rather than against it not only would he have the support of his people but also he would live and rule longer than his father. Unlike his fathers' way of appointing military leaders as senate members, he appointed people who were officials and governors to these positions.

I feel that some of his changes really were significant to Rome and helped alter history the political tradition and what the word leader meant at the time... He helped the treasury by taking money out of his own pocket and putting it towards the treasury. He also took money out of his pocket to provide bonuses toward the soldiers' funds. One thing that Augustus did do and probably was the most significant was end the civil wars that were taking place in Rome at the time. He had risen up...

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