Judaism Religion

Sa’eed Abdul-Karim
February 17, 2013
Professor Don Peavy Sr

    Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people, a monotheistic religion that believes and prays to only one God. This was quite an unusual concept during the time Judaism immerged as a religion. The norm of a religion in the same period, prayed to multiple idol gods. Judaism is a very basic and straightforward religion. The teachings and basic in the Bible, and the Talmud are held as divine revolution to the Jews. The Jewish people believe we are all born with capacity to do good and bad; however people have the free will to choose their own path.
    Judaism is one of the earliest religions known to mankind. The religion is over 4000 years old. It all began with the father Abraham. Abraham was believed to have made a covenant with God, to be become the father of a great nation. This nation would later be known as the Jewish People. From the father Abraham that had a son named Isaac and a grandson, Jacob that played an important role in early Jewish history. It is because of Jacob’s sons and their mischievousness that cause Joseph to be in Egypt, thus leading the Jewish people into the land of Egypt. This is the place where Jewish people would be held in slavery until the prophet Moses eventually would lead them to freedom.
    The Jews have been one of the most oppressed religions of our time. The anti-Judaism timeline can be trace back to the Babylonians destroying the temple in Jerusalem during 586 BCE. In Spain, Jews were force to choose between converting to Christianity and Islam to live in Geneva. About six million Jews, including children, were killed by Nazi Germany, and over 30 countries would reject the ones that chose to flee. The Jews are the most disrespected religion, be non-Jews, than any other religion. Every office party comedian has at least one Jewish joke in their routine. Through all the adversities the Jewish people never waiver in their religious belief and...