Joy Luck Club

Like Mother, Like Daughter  
In her novel The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan clearly portrays the importance of characters’ past has been revealed and lived out in the same characters present manner, identity, and individuals sense of self and life circumstances. Amy Tan states how much of an impact someone’s pasts life affects his or her future. Some say that the past is forgotten and that it is time to live in the present; however, forgetting what happened in the past does not mean it lacks a significant impact on one’s personality. Lindo Jong and Waverly Jong exemplify that a past experience or hardship often shapes the future of a person’s way of life. Lindo and Waverly past lives shine through into their future as something that has strengthened their overall way of life and everyday attitude.
            Lindo Jong’s past experiences and hardships have had an overall effect for the better on her present life and her way of motherhood towards her daughter, Waverly. Moving in with Tywaun at the age of twelve taught Lindo how to cope with the toughest situations and how to be able to see the way out of every situation. Lindo Jong was not happy in the marriage and she worked hard everyday. When things are wrong, she takes the blame. Lindo Jong also wants her children to have American circumstances and Chinese character. This means that living the way an American lived was fine, but acting the way an American did was not acceptable. Lindo Jong is ashamed by the way that Americans acted and does not want her daughter to behave this way because she has suffered so much in her childhood but becomes stronger from her experiences. She does not people to know about her past experiences. Lindo Jong learns that “It is hard to hide her true self” but was able to try her best(Tan 258).   Lindo Jong had to hide her true identity, and when she came to America, she adapted the American circumstances but tried not to lose her Chinese character. Lindo knows what she wants for her...