Journeys Lead the Traveller to Knowledge

Set Text: Radiance
Other Related Texts:
  * Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Film) 20th Century Fox
  *   Cats in the Cradle (Song) By Harry Chapin


After reaching a certain point in one’s life-a small step in the whole journey- a sense of achievement, accomplishment and satisfaction is gained. Whether the journey be a long and tactical one or a short yet mentally exhausting period of time, all these small inner journeys result in learning. Knowledge is gained through advice, people, experiences and most of all self-discovery; Knowledge is the small diversion in the quest of our Journey. In the three texts, Radiance, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and Cats in the Cradle, the concept of “Journey’s lead the traveller to knowledge” is clearly demonstrated in each.

In the film Radiance, Cressy embarks on her very personal quest from the city to tell Nona (who has been led to believe Cressy was her Sister) the truth about her. Cressy’s two ‘sisters’ Mae and Nona believe that her reason for returning home after so many years is to pay respect to her Mother who has just tragically passed away. On arrival to the family homestead, Cressy’s journey both mentally and physically leads her to discover that Nona is actually pregnant herself. In a desperate attempt to save Nona the ‘hassle’ Cressy attempts to pay her to take an abortion; scared of putting her daughter through what she had to go through at such a young age.

While Nona vigilantly refuses the offer and Cressy try’s digesting the news, Nona who has lived a ‘no ties’ sort of lifestyle is still searching for the ‘Black Prince’ (Father) in her life. The dream is shattered when Cressy along with the persistence of Mae reveals the truth to Nona that she was in fact a product of her rape; a rape so deviously committed by one of her Mother’s numerous boyfriends. Cressy then goes on further to explain that Mary (her Mother) would not allow Cressy to raise her child,...