Journey V. Destination

Fist Impression
“You can not judge a book by it’s cover” is a very famous saying which means not everything is what is appears to be in first impression. Most people judge others only by their looks, which not always reflects on what they actually are, they might be having a really bad day and that causes their behavior.
Some may argue that the first impression is really important and there is no second chance to someone with bad first impression; however, people can improve themselves and learn from their mistakes.
The way some one presents themselves does not always suit their personality and who they are. Unfortunately one’s presentation is the first thing that others see, and the first thing that people are judged on.
Although some people might think first impression is best and the last impression, and they can judge people based on it, but first impressions can change and people can improve themselves and they should be given a second chance.
Since beginning of the summer, I started volunteering at a hospital and at the end of my first week, I asked one of the nurses if I can do anything to improve myself because I really felt that she thought I was not good enough for volunteering there. And she told me that a few months back she also had a another teen volunteer and all she did was playing on her phone till her shift was over, and that was her first and last impression but fortunately during the summer I could prove her wrong and show her not all teen volunteers act the same! Or another example is one my my closest friends, the very first day that I met him, I judged him based on his apparel but when I got to know him, it turned out to be opposite of what I was thinking about him, and now he is one of my closest friends.
The way people present themselves in the first impression, does not always suit their personality and who they actually are, but unfortunately one’s appearance is the first thing that others see and judge them on. I believe first...