Janeen Palmiotto
Prof. Molinari

by Elie Wiesel

      Before I begin reading the novel I just want to document what I think this book is going to be about. By looking at the illustration on the cover I think that this book is going to be rather powerful. The cover doesn’t seem to show an actual image of an object but rather a dark stature in the background. The New York Times says, “A slim volume of terrifying power” thus, it could be about   a real event that occurred in history that was frightening or chilling. I am very excited to open this book right now and begin reading. Whether or not it is about what I predicted, we will find out.

Chapter 1:

      The novel opens up in Sighet, a small town in Transylvania, with giving a description about a man named Moshe the Beadle who is young Eliezers tutor. Moché is generally liked and a humble man. He works in the Hasidic synagogue, and is a very meek. Eliezer is a strong believer in his faith, he is an Orthodox Jew. In this passage we learn that Eliezer's father is very high in power in the Jewish community and pays more attention to outside matters rather than his own family. We also learn that Eliezer has 3 sisters, Hilda, Béa, and Tzipora.
        Next, all foreign Jews are expelled and Moshe is deported. When Moshe returns to Sighet with horrifying stories, no one believes him.
Fascists soon gain control in Hungary and allow a local Nazi invasion.
Still, the Jews of Sighet deny the fact that anything bad will happen to them, even with proof of these terrible events surrounding them. A few days later the small town is forced to evacuate the area in which Eliezers family is included in the last group. They come in contact with their previous gentile servant named Martha who warns them of danger that is to come. Martha offers them a place to go to be safe but the family easily refuses.

-Personally, if I was in young Eliezers position in this novel I would be conscious of what I am...