Josie lifestyle includes many behaviors that are risk factors for illness. These risk factors include:
  * Smoking cigarettes
  * Eating high fat and high cholesterol diets
  * Walking in high crime areas
  * Thinking of other things while driving instead of focusing on the road.
Josie is concerned about her health, but because she does not “feel” sick she pushes it off and refuses to see her primary care provider, which could prevent an illness. Josie is experiencing shortness of breath which may come from the chain smoking that she does on a daily basis. The best option for Josie would be to use secondary prevention and in this case she would seek medical attention from her primary care provider and take any prescribed medications.
Another factor that is prohibiting Josie from practicing disease prevention is her beliefs. Josie has a family history of colon cancer. She has had several family members die from this disease but her family was raised not to talk about sickness and death, and this causes her to not ask questions and find out more information.
Josie has some healthy behaviors that helps promote healthy behavior which includes parking far from her job and walking to her office and spending time with her friends daily at lunch. Though those are healthy behaviors the risk that she is in while doing these things are not. When Josie is with her friends not only is she chain smoking but she is also inhaling second hand smoke. And when she is walking to and from her office, she is in an area which is high in crime. The best thing for Josie to do is ask her friends if she can carpool with them or if they can walk together once they are off of work.
Josie is on the right track on wanting to stop smoking, but she must take the first step and talk to her doctor. She also needs to medical test done to see if she is at risk for colon cancer and what she can do to prevent it.