Joseph Conrad

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Joseph Conrad
Heart of Darkness
The book takes place when King Leopold II of Belgium was the owner of the Free Congo state. He exploited the natives and gained a fortune from all the ivory in that country.   Under his brutal regime millions died.
Joseph Conrad signed a long-term contract to work for a Belgian Company in the Congo Free State. At the time in 1890, Congo was under the possession of   King Leopold II. Conrad suffered a physical breakdown while in the country and only lasted there for seven months.
While in Congo he wrote "The Congo Diary" which was a record of his daily moments during his stay. The diary inspired him to write Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness is Joseph Conrad's 4th published work not including short stories or essays. He had previously written two novels: Almayer's Folly and An Outcast of the Islands published in 1895 and 1896 and one Novella which was published in 1897.
An Outpost of Progress is a short story written by Conrad which is often compared to Heart of Darkness. It was published in 1898 and Conrad considered it his best work. It is similar to Heart of Darkness due to similar plot points such as it taking place in Africa, imperialism and Ivory trading.
Heart of Darkness is full of heavy symbolism and is dressed with recurring motifs. The books also alludes to a number of things including Inferno and White sepulchre The Imagery is almost front and center of the book as Marlow describes everything from the Devil water to the misty fog.
The tone of the book is Dark, cynical and poetic. Conrad's writing is subtle and slow but never drags.  
It falls under Adventure, Psychological Thriller and Suspense, Literary Fiction
The narrative technique is a simple one in that first person narration is used. The technique is a complex one in that there is a narration within a narration as the frame narrator retells the story that was told to him by Marlowe. Thus there are two settings, two chronological...