Don’t Want an Ending
I stared into her emerald green eyes. I just couldn't hold it back anymore; I just HAD to see if she loved me back. I made a huge mistake didn't I. Her full red lips formed an O in shock. I put in her shock.
     "Lacey?" I asked hesitantly.
     "Jeremy-" She was grappling for words. "I-I, I'm sorry. B-but, I don't love you."
      As those words came out of her mouth, it felt like a million pounds fell upon my shoulders. I could feel my heart sink slowly to the bottom of my feet. I pushed my wide framed black glasses up my nose as they slowly slid down. 
      "Jer, we still can be friends. But...nothing more." Her soft black hair swayed as she stepped towards me. 
       Friends? Just friends? Can that even be possible? I stepped back and shook my head. The heat came up from the back of my neck to my face. Well, this is embarrassing. Lacey stepped forward again.
       "No." I muttered. I couldn't stand this, I told her that I loved her, she turns me down, makes a fool out of me, and now wants to be friends?! "No." I said louder.
       Lacey sighed, "Fine then, bye." I watched her walk to her mom's convertible dark blue Mustang.
       The rain drops slowly began to drop from the dark, rumbling sky. Why did I tell her?! I'm so STUPID! I kicked the mettle trash can beside me.   
He was staring into my eyes, as I did with his sapphire blue ones. And everything was going fine... until he said those few words. "I love you, Lacey. More than a friend."
It must have been written all over my face because I could see him a bit hesitant. "Lacey?" He asked me hesitantly.
"Jeremy..." I didn't even know what to say. "I-I, I'm sorry. B-but I don't love you... like that."
He didn't take that too well. His loving face quickly went from love and compassion to anger and pure hate. He pushed his huge framed glasses up but they fell again.
"Jer, we still can be friends... I'm sorry but nothing more. I took a step towards him,...