Joint Family

                Once upon a time there was an old and wise banyan tree –With its vast canopy of branches and roots, it sheltered & supported its offspring for years together. Unfortunately not a blade of grass could thrive under its shade. The joint family system was much like the banyan tree with the head of the family protecting every family member.
Everyone lived together in harmony and shared their joys and sorrows,. Young children grew up with the right values instilled in them. However, this setup could often be authoritarian thereby stunting the growth and individuality of young minds. Internal squabbles and unpleasantness were also not unheard of.
                          With increase in education people migrated to cities and wanted to be more independent.   Joint families started crumbling and gave way to nuclear families that gave people   their privacy and scope for individual development .People also felt that by maintaining   a distance from their relatives it increased the love and affection and prevented misunderstandings.
                        However we must examine what we have lost out in the bargain. In today’s world if both the parents are working, the young ones feel lonely,unloved and uncared for. Without parental supervision, many children can go astray in their formative years leading to increase in juvenile crime. Having to shoulder both work and home pressures, stress levels in young couples in nuclear homes have increased manifold. Nowadays don’t we hear of more cases of aged parents being sent to old age homes or worse being abandoned by their children?
              In my opinion,what is really important is that there exists a congenial atmosphere within any family. While a nuclear set up has no doubt become more practical and preferred in todays context,..” A harmonious joint family set-up can be a boon.since It can provide a wonderful support system emotionally...