John Malkovich

Chiara Turchetta
Mr. Astudillo
Period 2, film studies
November 30, 2012

Being John Malkovich
"Being John Malkovich" is a 1999 American comedy-fantasy film that bring sup a lot of philosophical controversies that we are faced with in our everyday life. The plot becomes extremely peculiar when a puppeteer, Craig Wright(Cusack), finds a job on the 7 1/2 floor, and his life is altered when he meets a woman named Maxine(Keener). While employed on the 7 1/2 floor, Craig discovers a mysterious portal that can transport people inside of John Malkovich's head. For those people who encountered the portal became infatuated with the idea of viewing the world in John Malkovich's eyes, Craig's wife especially, Lotty(Diaz), who starts to question both her sexuality and her feelings for Maxine.
Human Isolation was one of the underlying issues in the film. Every character was out of touch with each other and seemed to be consumed by their own selfishness. Craig's puppets symbolize this, each one of his puppet shows always isolated the puppets from each other. Additionally, each one of the characters were all separated from each other in their own way. Take Lottie and Craig, for instance, it was evident that their marriage was crumbling due to isolation from each other. It appeared that there was no real connection between them, and this was exemplified when Maxine came into Craig and Lottie's life. In the end, Lottie and Maxine ended up together because they truly loved each other, and I think that is the solution to human isolation. Forcing yourself to be around someone you've fallen out of love with, or became disillusioned by, offers a great deal of human isolation in itself. Probably in Craig and Lottie's case, they did not want to come to terms with reality; that there never was a connection between them. Another situation in the movie was the relationship between Maxine and John Malkovich. Obviously, Maxine is using John Malkovich, not for fame or money, but to be...