John and Elizabeth Procter's Relationship

‘Discuss the changes in the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor in the course of the play’

In the Crucible John Proctor and Elizabeth’s relationship changes a lot. At the start it is awkward and tender. Their conversations are of nothing interesting and they are clearly avoiding the ‘elephant in the room’, which is John’s affair with Abigail. However, by the end of Act 2, when Elizabeth is accused, John is constantly trying to protect her from being taken by Hale and Cheever and Herrick. They also back each other up constantly, making sure that neither of them falls into the trap of being able to be accused of being a witch because of what they say.
    As the play progresses, their relationship becomes a very loyal and strong. They will not let bad things be said about the other one and when Elizabeth is called forward and asked whether John has always been loyal to her and has never committed adultery, she tells the court that he has always been loyal in order to protect him and not to blacken his name.
    I think that the final main change comes at the end of act four, when they have their final time alone with each other. I think that it is a realisation of just how much they truly love each other and also that if the witch hunt hadn’t happened then they would have still been where they were at the start of the trials; avoiding the ‘elephant in the room’ and that their relationship wouldn’t be as strong as it is at the end of the trials. Also I think that this is the time in their relationship where Elizabeth has the most power over John as he is asking her to help him decide what to do.

We first see John and Elizabeth together at the start of Act 2. It is very clear from the conversation that they are having that they are avoiding a particular subject, which is John’s affair with Abigail. We can tell that they are avoiding the subject because of the other subjects that they are talking about; the weather, the food, the ‘rabbit’ and...