This document provides an overview of the requirements for the Capstone paper, including the bibliography requirements and the Capstone Paper Outline. The intent of this class is to provide you with the basic skills to perform strategic analysis.   The Capstone Paper is the exercise that comes closest to that objective.   The readings, lectures and cases familiarize you with the basic principles of strategic analysis. The cases give you practice in applying those principles in framed contexts.   The Capstone Paper adds two elements: 1) working on completely unframed problems, and 2) relying on others to help resolve those problems. The assignment includes 3 parts: 1) proposal,
2) team contract and 2) written analysis.

Assume that you are a consultant hired to perform a comprehensive strategic analysis of a firm. You are required to research the firm, the industry it is competing in and its competitors.   Before   selecting   a   firm,   do   some   research   to   determine   if   sufficient research resources are available on the firm and its competitors. Although you may be familiar with using general public search engines, more useful and robust information will be found through Pounce at the Pacific Library (see link below). It is critical that you select a topic that is not only “strategic” but also sufficiently significant to merit continued coverage in the press. Do not choose a company that is privately held unless you have special access to the firm’s financials and permission to use this information. This also applies to startup firms. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about firm selection.

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