Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment
Mary Oxendine
Human Motivation / PSY320
May 31, 2010
Mary Sue Farmer

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment
ABC Petroleum, Incorporated has been in business forty-five years and has remained family-owned. The company consists of 50 employees, including the owner and president. ABC Petroleum includes the main office which sells liquid petroleum gas (lp gas) and products that use lp gas to residential customers and businesses. It sells fuel to convenience stores and farms, and owns and operates four convenience stores. The company also leases one convenience store and has an un-manned fueling site.
Philosophy on Goal-Setting, Rewards, and Performance Evaluations
The company’s philosophy on goal-setting is to set the goals but never check to see if the goals have been attained or what the status is on the goals. Workplace rewards have been thought about, but never followed through with. Performance evaluations are not performed unless an issue arises which constitutes termination. The lack of rewards negatively impact productivity. A “thank you” or “good job” would be an appreciated positive reward.
Job Productivity and Satisfaction
The company expects the job productivity to excel; however, productivity lacks when too many responsibilities are handled by one person. When the employee is overwhelmed, it causes the employee to be dissatisfied with his or her job and things not completed on time.
The position of customer service representative should include handling customers, such as answering phone calls, waiting on customers at the front counter, running credit report, setting up schedules to do installations or other service work, entering delivery tickets, running past due accounts, and collections. However, with ABC Petroleum, in addition to those responsibilities, the position includes selling appliances, selling road fuel to other convenience stores, handling paperwork for road fuel product...