Job Design and Rewards for Trucking

Job Redesign and Rewards for Trucking
PSY 320
November 26, 2012

Job Redesign and Rewards for Trucking
Major components, tasks, and responsibilities of the selected position.
To work in Safety one must wear many hats and be mindful of a multitude of variances at any given time. Each of the three of us in Logs is responsible for the safety of 1000+ trucks daily. We have to be uniformed, and cannot afford to have a bad day. Examples of a daily routine you would check into FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Assistance) and look for trucks that were reported to have an accident from your company. Create a list of these trucks. All trucks are on electronic logs known as e-logs. Create a list of all your e-log trucks and see who was running when they should be shut down on mandatory rest breaks. Once the lists are compiled, the phone calls begin. This is much like a telemarketer call wanting something from you.
What we do is discipline the truck with verbal, written, or demand to come to home office. If a truck is to be brought in, you must type on the front of the truck screen who they are to see and when they have to be there. It can take operations up to nine days to get a truck in to see you. After, typing on the truck screen, an email to the fleet manager and truck must go out notifying the severity and to whom they must see upon arrival. My position out of the three was to be lead and that meant I was the heavy. It is stressful calling a driver and telling them to pull over at the next safe location because the truck has to be shut down.   I had to write them up for driving over their 11 hours, for OOS known as Out of Service, for violation, and claim issues. All violations cause the company Safe-Stat scores to go down. The lower the number the government can shut you down for non-compliance. It is important to be the top ranking no accidents and claims company. This drives up demand for your company and helps you stay on top. Those with the worst...